10 Reasons Jinder Mahal’s Win was a Great Move at WWE Backlash

10 Reasons Jinder Mahal's Win was a Great Move at WWE Backlash - Photo Credit: WWE Backlash on the WWE Network

Jinder Mahal is your new WWE Champion after defeating Randy Orton at Backlash. 10 reasons why the move was fresh and exciting for Smackdown’s brand!

1) You couldn’t buy the crowd reaction after Jinder got the 3-count at Backlash. Priceless. Not since Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania has a crowd looked genuinely stunned.

2) Felt unscripted and WCW-like in a good way. Remember the days when bookings didn’t feel ultra scripted and a bit off the cuff? When the phrase “anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation” felt genuine and you couldn’t actively predict one year’s worth of storylines?

Things just happened, and it felt like must-watch TV. Despite many excepting Jinder to win the belt after becoming #1 contender, they still couldn’t help but be surprised when it actually happened.

3) Untapped potential. The Bollywood Boyz were renamed recently to the Singh Brothers but really their original name was more catchy. The carpet in front of Jinder’s limo was a nice touch. All three should use the Bollywood name, go all out. There was Hollywood Hogan, why not Bollywood Mahal?

They’re half way there with the suits. Amp up the characters 350% like in the Attitude era. Exaggerate the character, it’s all the more fun for the audience.

4) Proves to the entire roster that any time your number might be called, be ready. Your life can change overnight. Whether it was Jinder’s Championship win over Randy Orton or James Ellsworth getting involved in the Main Event with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. Being a ‘jobber’ or on the lower-card doesn’t mean any stage of life is forever.

Be prepared for opportunities, you never know. As Bruce Lee once said “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

5) Tweener Status. Despite Jinder Mahal being booked as a classic heel, in India he can easily be a face. Literally bringing the championship back to his people so to speak. You might remember in the 90s Bret Hart once playing a heel in the US and a babyface in Canada. It’s certainly a unique position to take and opens doors for the character.

6) Controversy Creates Cash as Eric Bischoff would say. Whether you loved or couldn’t stand the sudden push, the fact is you’re thinking about it. Most likely you’ve talked about it. Everyone in the industry has had an opinion on the idea the moment Jinder Mahal won the #1 contender status.

7) The WWE needs to build new stars and serious draws more than ever. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from your novel, drop your intricate planning and take a chance. Write a new chapter out of left field, see what happens. Ratings aren’t doing too hot lately. One captivating, lively storyline is all it takes to change everything around.

8) The WWE is trying to break into India’s market where they already have a major unrealized fanbase. WWE are expanding globally worldwide. There’s no substitute for a talent that can speak the native people’s language. A personal relationship and connection with the fanbase goes.

9) Despite using heel tactics like The Singh Brothers involvement recently in his matches, Jinder’s promos are not quite considered heelish in today’s day and age.

They shine a deliberate light on the audience when he says they don’t accept him because of his background. Putting the burden on the fans. You might have noticed a pretty loud ‘let’s go Jinder’ chant at Backlash, meaning it will be a split audience.

10) Room for expansion as a character. Stables are proven to be good for business, fans love them. Bring on more members, maybe a valet or unknown women’s wrestler to the group. As a heel, you have more room to operate. We’re only at the beginning of storyline potential now and in the future.

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