Cody and Brandi Rhodes reminds of Marc Mero and Sable

Cody and Brandi Rhodes on Impact Wrestling - Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling/Pop TV/Anthem

Cody and Brandi Rhodes – Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling via Pop TV/Anthem

What’s the end goal in this Cody/Moose feud? To make us cheer for Brandi Rhodes kayfabe leaving her husband for Moose? Serious Sable and Marc Mero vibes…

Instead of establishing the popular NJPW Bullet Club connection, Cody is slowly being presented as a bad husband heel. Is it so good for his career? Time will tell of course, but it didn’t quite work out for ‘Wildman’ Marc Mero in the WWF eventually. Though it was a memorable storyline of the Attitude era, the ‘bad boyfriend’ character label stuck with fans. Stifling future face potential.

As Jim Cornette tells in a Kayfabe Commentaries’ shoot interview, the booking team back in the office was absolutely infatuated with Sable’s beauty. It seems like one of the reasons they brought in Mero was to also indirectly sign a then unknown Sable.

At first Mero played the babyface rescuing Sable from a jealous Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Sable played Triple H’s valet at the time). Kind of similar to the role that Moose is playing now… Except Moose is not married to Brandi in real life, Cody is and fans know this. The internet age means fans are smart to such kayfabe. Indirectly hurting this storyline.

Mero’s character in the WWF took a turn as ‘Marvelous Marc Mero’ as a boxer (hinting at violent overtones) to a jealous of Sable’s popularity gimmick. What did Cody do this week on Impact Wrestling? Come out to interrupt his wife’s very first one on one match. Setting him up for a narrative where he is jealous of his wife’s ‘babyface popularity’.

Eventually Sable became the lead star and Mero was figuratively ‘carrying her bags’ by the end of his run in the WWF according to Cornette.

The ‘insecure, jealous’ label would be stuck to Mero as a wrestler for pretty much the rest of his career. Though he revived his old Johnny B. Badd gimmick in TNA, ‘Marvelous’ Marc Mero is what’s he’s remembered for. Every passing week of Impact is making Cody out to be jealous of his wife’s spotlight. Now, Impact does not get the same kind of viewership as the WWE, so it might not stick forever. However, these kind of characterizations are difficult to shake in the long-term. One must wonder, how does it serve Cody’s long term goals of reestablishing himself?

There are three ways this storyline can potentially end for Cody.

1) Brandi Rhodes turns heel, cheap shots Moose giving Cody the win in a final match of the feud. Recalling Stephanie McMahon/Triple H back in the day. This is the best way to get everyone involved over tremendously. As Cody and Brandi Rhodes would be majorly over as heels while Moose stays face with the crowd.

There seems to be some kind theme lately in wrestling where the booking teams expect us to cheer for a face flirting with a heel’s wife. The same thing happened in the Rusev/Enzo Amore WWE storyline. Why exactly was Rusev, the heel for being angry that Enzo was trying to get with his wife?

The same applies here, why should fans cheer Moose exchanging numbers with Brandi Rhodes in this narrative? Just because Cody is suppose to be a heel so he’s automatically ‘jealous/insecure’ for not playing naive/’cool’?

2) A Macho Man Randy Savage / Ms. Elizabeth-like popularity surge in the mainstream. This is the most unlikely scenario. Cody is not yet an established mainstream act like Randy Savage was and is now known still to a majority of fans as Stardust. Every storyline counts, especially without the WWE’s marketing machine promoting him everywhere to fans.

3) Brandi Rhodes tires of Cody’s ‘jealous’ ways and leaves him, maybe becomes Moose’s valet, is singles wrestler in Women’s division. Mero/Sable story redux in many ways. The most obvious and predictable storyline end. Bullet Club signs Cody’s been throwing around lately fall to white noise background as Brandi Rhodes becomes an ultra babyface. Goes by just Brandi.

At best after the feud’s conclusion, Cody can only go back to being a face by ‘begging forgiveness’ on air. Otherwise he is known as the ‘jealous bad husband’ instead of a leading heel Bullet Club stable member. This is the storyline that will probably play out, so again what’s the end goal here? At least as Cody goes… It’s not an everyday feud.

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Impact Cannot Replace Hardys, Title Controversy is Simple Distraction

Broken Hardys Tag Team Champs in Ring of Honor - Photo Credit: Broken Matt Hardy / Ring of Honor via Twitter

Photo Credit: Broken Matt Hardy / Ring of Honor via Twitter

Impact Wrestling’s biggest draws are now in Ring of Honor, and they’re trying to mask that fact with manufactured Title Controversy. Mere Distraction.

No matter what you thought of Impact Wrestling’s reboot last week or Alberto El Patrón’s debut last week, the fact remains… The Broken Hardys, Matt and Jeff Hardy are gone. The duo who kept the lights on TNA and brought mainstream wrestling fan attention have vanished from Impact. It’s no parlor trick or Broken Brilliance, just a strange business decision.

You would think Impact Wrestling’s biggest attraction the last year would be wined and dined like royalty to stay. Keep that sense of cool around the six-sided ring as something alternate from the WWE. Now Ring of Honor is benefitting from a modern day Outsiders-like invasion.

Has Impact Wrestling not learning from watching their former home-grown stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode just to name a few, dominating the main event scene in their respective WWE brands? Austin Aries back healthy and getting in the swing of 205 live. Sanity over at NXT with Eric Young. James Storm would probably be feuding with Roode right now if he had stayed or on the main Raw/Smackdown roster.

Now Alberto El Patrón is rumored to return his belt for winning like a heel would? It’s manufactured title controversy created in-house not organically from fans. Alberto is not exactly known for being a babyface. It’s all a diversion from the real question, where are the Hardys?

Now Impact referenced them in basically a burial segment by Decay last week instead of allowing them to drop the titles on TV. However, Impact Wrestling’s audience is generally made up a of an internet friendly smart mark fanbase. They know where the Hardys are. If this was the WWE we’d be looking at a CM Punk situation. Fortunately for Impact Wrestling the fans in Orlando just wanna be understandably entertained. It’s a mainstay there now, not a touring one-off. A New York or Philly crowd would be quite harsh.

Why would Alberto El Patrón ever give up the title for ‘cheap’ tactics? It’s a parlor trick to temporarily distract from the real story in TNA right now. Talents leaving in mass, from the Broken Hardys, to the Bennetts, to Jade. Maria was the center of the whole Allie feud and now we’re expected to just forget?

Distraction won’t work, saying there will be changes won’t work. What will happen is instead of fans chanting delete in the hopes the Broken Hardys return like CM Punk in the WWE, they’ll just google where they’re performing now. Impact Wrestling’s loss will be Ring of Honor’s gain, and in this indie scene every big name counts.

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Broken Hardys to be at Ring of Honor’s 15th Anniversary PPV

Broken Hardys, the Young Bucks, Roppongi Vice - Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary Poster - Photo Credit: Broken Matt Hardy/Ring of Honor via Twitter

Broken Hardys, the Young Bucks, Roppongi Vice – ROH 15th Anniversary Poster – Photo Credit: Broken Matt Hardy/Ring of Honor via Twitter

Ring of Honor’s new tag team champs Broken Matt Hardy and Jeff ‘Brother Nero’ Hardy, are arriving at Sin City for a triple threat Vegas street fight! The freshly captured titles are on the line as the Bucks of Youth (Matt and Nick Jackson) and Roppongi Vice (Beretta and Rocky Romero) challenge the Broken Hardys.

The Young Bucks are on a roll lately and with just a bit of Broken Brilliance in this feud they could be on their way to mainstream superstardom. The Bullet Club duo officially began their feud with the Broken Hardys through a video recorded message at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle. Broken Matt Hardy promised to render the Bucks of Youth’s title reign obsolete. Though the feud really all started initially through the wonder of Twitter. Another Tweet to reality success story by Broken Matt Hardy. Tweets are a major part of modern wrestling feuds, no joke.

Broken Matt cashed in his promise with a victory after a timely Swanton from Jeff Hardy last weekend at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Broken Matt Hardy Challenges the Young Bucks at ROH’s Final Battle

Will the Broken Hardys do for the Young Bucks what they did for Decay and DCC? After all, both became popular worthwhile draws and merchandise boosters in TNA Impact Wrestling after their feuds. The super-kicking Young Bucks have the wrestling talent, fan respect and potential to break out.

“Tables, Ladders, Chairs & DELETIONS.”

The Broken Hardys actively feuding in Ring of Honor is a big deal. A major deal. We’re talking two superstars that would easily be main eventers again in WWE, right now on the spot. TNA Impact Wrestling’s loss is honestly Ring of Honor’s gain. Ring of Honor will be majorly elevated as a promotion from the Broken Hardys making appearances. All tag teams involved in this match stand to get a great deal of overness/heat from this match.

The Broken Hardys keeping their immense run steamrolling, keeping their indie cred alive as the main show in town outside of the WWE. The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice getting acquainted with a whole new group of fans that might have never seen them before.

See the special Las Vegas ROH PPV from the official Ring of Honor website or on FITE TV!

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Broken Hardys Win ROH Tag Titles, WWE Next? (Video)

Broken Hardys Win ROH Tag Titles at ROH Manhattan Mayhem VI - Photo Credit: Ring of Honor via Twitter

Broken Hardys Win ROH Tag Titles at ROH Manhattan Mayhem VI – Photo Credit: Ring of Honor via Twitter 

The Broken Hardys invaded Ring of Honor’s Manhattan Mayhem VI at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom this weekend! In a surreal Outsiders-like moment, the Broken Hardys made good on their promise to the Young Bucks. The lights dimmed, and just like that the Broken Hardys of TNA lore appeared before the Bucks of Youth. Ready to take another pair of titles in the Expedition for Gold. Let’s take a look at a fan video of Jeff Hardy hitting the customary Swanton with Broken Matt taking the cover for the win.

A few things you might notice, fans celebrating like the old days throwing stuff into the ring like its 90s WCW. The Broken Hardys theme song is different, intentional or legal decision? Though their TNA Impact theme was Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which should be public domain, perhaps the particular TNA mix was not granted. It’s a bit different than the Decay situation where Marilyn Manson’s song ‘The Nobodies’ was likely licensed to TNA because of friendship with Billy Corgan. The Broken Hardys might be able to reacquire use of Moonlight Sonata, a call to Jimmy Hart to provide a new mix would be a great move.

There might be motions going behind the scenes to stop the use of said theme or even the gimmick in some respects. You’ll notice below when Broken Matt speaks to Ring of Honor’s fans he refers to Brother Nero only as Nero. However, right after Jeff sings the classic obsolete song about the Bucks of Youth. It’s difficult to say for sure if coincidence or ongoing legal proceedings.

TNA gets soundly booed by the Ring of Honor fans to the smiling delight of a Broken Matt who likely feels wronged by contract negotiations. The fans reaction to the Broken Hardys was immense, a choir, orchestra of deletes chanted throughout the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Jeff Hardy’s Obsolete song was similarly beyond over with the fans, as they sang along like wrestling’s purest encore. The Broken Hardys popularity is only growing, maybe a tour around the world’s wrestling federations was just what they needed. The Expedition for Gold is no longer merely kayfabe storyline, it’s reality.

The Broken Hardy’s Prestigious Resume in 2017

They don’t do surprises like this anymore in the era of internet spoilers. Check out the fans’ genuine high voltage excitement at the Broken Hardys’ apparance in the Twitter video captured below by user @thebookofrob.

Broken Hardys Appear at Ring of Honor’s Manhattan Mayhem VI

It was deletion central at Ring of Honor. It’s clear today’s fans are more than aware of the wrestling options availably globally to them thanks to the internet. It’s a different world than the TV broadcast dominated days of past.

Broken Matt Issues to Challenge to WWE’s Gallows and Anderson

Is this Ring of Honor run a brief stop on the way to the WWE? Broken Matt has been interacting with WWE’s talents lately, including current WWE Smackdown Champion Bray Wyatt. Who told Broken Matt on Twitter ‘you know where to find us’.

WWE’s Karl Anderson Responds to Broken Matt Hardy

It appears WWE wrestlers have been told they can interact with the Broken Hardys more casually than before. Preparation for a potentional return? Or teasing the fans, maybe even to gauge a reaction? A Twitter feud could easily go viral and build up a WWE return without a single promo. A modern buildup to a feud.

Here’s a recent interview with Broken Matt Hardy prior to leaving TNA where he discusses the possibility of returning to the WWE. The interview was published on February 27, 2017 by Youtube Channel Inside the Ropes.

Read more about the Broken Hardys’ Expedition for Gold!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Preview for 3/2/17: Rosemary Vs Jade

Anthem TNA Impact Wrestling Logo - Credit: Anthem TNA Impact Wrestling via Wikimedia Commons Original Source: Source (WP:NFCC#4)

TNA Impact Wrestling sees Decay’s Rosemary take on a departing Jade for the TNA Knockouts Championship tonight. Major talent departing TNA.

TNA Impact Wrestling is going through massive changes. First of all, one of the biggest storylines in TNA and wrestling period ‘The Broken Hardys’ are gone. Feeling disrespected by the company they kept afloat and alive in the mainstream for all of 2016.

Last week’s Impact Wrestling featured an Attitude era-like classic in Laurel Van Ness-Braxton Sutter’s Wedding… Now the primary antagonists in the Allie saga, Maria Kanellis Bennett and ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett have left the building. Drew Galloway who faces Moose tonight for the Impact Grand Wrestling Championship is leaving. Former Knockouts Champion Jade, who’s currently feuding with Decay’s Rosemary also on her way out.

Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel are back to running the show like the old days of NWA TNA. Whether things would have been different talent-wise and creatively with the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan at the throne is a good what-if. As music licensing is concerned (Decay is a great example) definitley, and he liked what ‘the Broken Hardys’ were doing and where they taking wrestling.

Now we’re at a crossroads. The defacto new main attraction of TNA is Rosemary/Decay and while she can more than handle the responsibility, wrestling is always better with great antagonists to play off of. The Broken Hardys/Decay feud pushed the Decay faction into the limelight and greatly evolved Rosemary’s character inside and outside of the ring. She evolved with the storyline as did Abyss and Crazy Steve.

Eli Drake, already on the brink of main eventing will now be one of TNA Impact’s main draws. Before you could have built Eli Drake with established names in Wrestling in the Hardys to make WWE fans become acquainted with Drake like Decay has. Now that option is gone. James Storm and EC3 will be one of the few TNA built stars that remain as established names at the company.

You could say based on Jade leaving in real life this match will likely go to Rosemary retaining the Knockouts title. Which she should either way as she’s Impact Wrestling’s biggest name right now as it pertains expanding the fan base. Rosemary’s character is fresh and her wide appeal to an untapped fanbase is something to watch. Just like Raven’s grungy character and flock brought new pairs of eyes on WCW, Rosemary can do the same for TNA Impact Wrestling. This should be a great final match between Rosemary and Jade to finish the feud. Great chemistry in the ring between the two.

The Cody/Moose feud is on to an excellent start. You couldn’t help but cheer for Cody, a man who’s been away over at NJPW while another wrestler attempts to step in on his wife. This is a long term storyline and judging by Brandi Rhodes looking back after Cody hit the Crossroads, the tension will only be growing. A heel turn by Brandi on Moose would be the best twist to push a refreshing narrative with an eventually Bullet Club invasion led by Cody. Imagine Kenny Omega making an appearance in Impact Wrestling.

On one side Drew Galloway is leaving Impact Wrestling, so he seems likely to drop the belt to Moose. Then Cody interfering and costing Moose the chance at becoming a 2-time Grand Champion would be the most obvious match ending. Difficult to say if Galloway drops the belt tonight or hands it back behind closed doors and leaves the company like the Broken Hardys.

MMA is alive and well in TNA Impact Wrestling with former UFC Heavyweight Champ Josh Barnett facing Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Championship. Lashley will likely retain but this should be an on-going feud for a while and the match probably finished with Lashley winning in underhanded fashion. Maybe an interference, it’s too early for a clean pin at this stage of the game.

One of Impact Wrestling’s most underrated stars Trevor Lee will face his former tag-team partner Andrew Everett for the X Division title. Sure to be an excellent wrestling match between the two X Division talents. Trevor Lee probably takes home the gold… Though it wouldn’t surprise to see Everett take the belt and make Trevor Lee chase the title for a while.

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NJPW Honor Rising: Day 2 – Full Card and Air Time

NJPW Honor Rising: Day 2 - Full Card and Air Time - Photo Credit: NJPW via NJPW World [English] Facebook

New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor’s Honor Rising continues tonight with Day 2 featuring Kenny Omega!

The NJPW/ROH super show goes down tonight at 4:30 am ET for those watching on NJPW’s monthly subscription service costs around $9.99 a month when converted from yen and can be paid using Paypal. You’ll get to see a live stream of tonight’s Honor Rising with English commentary featuring former WWE alumni Kevin Kelly and wrestler Rocky Romero.

The main event tonight will see Kenny Omega and the entire Bullet Club wrestling stable unite in an eight-man tag team match against the Chaos faction. Current Ring of Honor champion Adam Cole will face off against Yoshi-Hashi for the ROH World Championship.

TNA Impact Wrestling Fan Note:

TNA Impact Wrestling newcomers to NJPW/ROH will likely recognize Cody, Sanada, the Briscoe Brothers and Jay Lethal.

– Cody returned on last week’s Impact tapings unhappy with Moose paling around with Brandi Rhodes.

– Sanada was last seen in TNA in 2015 as James Storm protege after turning on the Great Muta.

– The Briscoe Brothers were seen in TNA’s early PPV days when they still had the NWATNA logo before moving on to Ring of Honor.

– Jay Lethal was last seen in 2011 in TNA’s X Division before returning to Ring of Honor.

NJPW Honor Rising Japan 2017: Full Card

1) David Finlay and Kushida Vs. Jado and Silas Young
– Tag team match

2) Dalton Castle, Delirious, Jushin Thunder Liger, Ryusuke Taguchi and Tiger Mask Vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon [Bushi, Evil, Hiromu Takahashi, Sanada and Tetsuya Naito]
– 10-man tag team match

3) Guerrillas of Destiny [Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa] vs. War Machine [Hanson and Raymond Rowe]
– Tag team match

4) Bullet Club [Bad Luck Fale, Hangman Page and Yujiro Takahashi] Vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jay Lethal and Juice Robinson
– 6-man tag team match

5 Hirooki Goto [NEVER Openweight Champion] Vs. Punisher Martinez
– NEVER Openweight Championship singles match

6) Adam Cole [Ring of Honor World Champion] Vs. Yoshi-Hashi
– ROH World Championship singles match

Main Event:
7) Bullet Club [Cody, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson] Vs. Chaos [Jay Briscoe, Kazuchika Okada, Mark Briscoe and Will Ospreay]
– 8-man tag team match

NJPW and ROH Honor Rising 2017 Promo Video

Time to get hyped for tonight’s NJPW mega card!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Preview for 2/16/17 – Broken Hardys in Mexico

Anthem TNA Impact Wrestling Logo - Credit: Anthem TNA Impact Wrestling via Wikimedia Commons Original Source: Source (WP:NFCC#4)

Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling has the Broken Hardys in Mexico, Rosemary/Crazy Steve Vs Brandi Rhodes/Moose and a new Fact of Life with Eli Drake!

The Expedition of Gold goes South of the border on tonight’s Impact Wrestling! The Hardys will embark on a trip to Tijauna in an attempt to capture more championship gold. Will Vanguard 1 play a part in helping the Hardys add one more notch to their global legacy?

Rosemary has been on an absolute tear since winning the Monster’s Ball match against Jade. She is making a case for the Top 5 in women’s wrestling every time she steps into the ring or unleashes a promo.

Rosemary’s latest infatuation, Brandi Rhodes, has refused to join Decay despite a generous offer. Now she faces Decay as Crazy Steve and Rosemary will face former Mike Bennet protege Moose and Brandi Rhodes in a tag-team match. Remember Abyss might be lurking around the ring at any time, anywhere, ready to appear Luke Harper style.

An all new Fact of Life is ready to be dished out by late night host-in training Eli Drake on tonight’s Impact Wrestling. Eli Drake has constantly stolen the show through these Fact of Life segments and is one of TNA’s breakout stars. A natural on the mic, late 2016 established Drake has a big time player, a main eventer in TNA. A draw, potentially an immense draw if Impact Wrestling keeps booking Drake the way he should be. They’ll have to keep Drake happy if they intend to make sure he doesn’t leave for greener pastures.

It was inevitable that The Wolves would break up, you can’t have a full time World Champion and part time tag team partner. Davey Richards loathing of Eddie Edwards success has been brewing since he returned from injury and now at its boiling point.

Richards cost Edwards his Impact Wrestling World Championship in a match against Bobby Lashley by pulling the ref out of the ring in an opportune time. Then Richard’s wife Angelina Love proceeded to take out Edwards’ wife Alexxis Nevaeh in the stands. Best of friends make bitterest of enemies as the fallout continues on tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

The Laurel Van Ness, Allie, Braxton love triangle continues as Braxton is now set to marry Laurel Van Ness in 8 days. Will Braxton give into pressure from the first lady of wrestling Maria Kanellis-Bennett? Can Allie just stand by while the potential love of her life slips away?

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TNA Impact Wrestling Preview for 1/12/17

Broken Matt Hardy released Brother Nero from deletion on last week’s Impact Wrestling! What lies ahead for the tag team champions of space and time?

A matchup with The Wolves Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards is first on the list. The Wolves have been facing inner turmoil with a returning Davey Richards feeling envy towards his now TNA World Heavyweight Champion partner. Will they be able to work together in a showdown with the premiere tag team of TNA or will their friendship crumble in a losing effort?

Now that Brother Nero has been released from deletion we can expect the patented high spots to return to Impact Wrestling. Jeff’s never been one to hesitate to go the extra mile to put a match over.

Decay’s Rosemary has an invitation open for Jade tonight. Jade was last seen in a cage match that tore the house down and saw Rosemary become TNA Knockouts Champion. Will Gail Kim interfere in the likely ensuing mayhem? Gail announced last Impact she was not retiring and rather taking a leave of absence to heal from injury.

Impact Wrestling is promising the return of an infamous TNA Knockout tonight. Mickie James recently signed a contract back with the WWE so we know it’s not her. Without reading spoilers (which you’ll never see on this site) it’s hard to say for sure who it will be. Although ODB had a match on The Final Deletion episode and received a warm response from the crowd. Perhaps she’s returning full time.

Tonight on Impact Wrestling both contenders for the TNA Heavyweight Championship EC3 and Bobby Lashley will face off in a Last Man Standing match. This rivilary is less personal and more business. Each wants the same thing, a chance to oust Eddie Edwards off his throne and rule as King with the belt laying on top their shoulder.

Finally, the long-term feud between Maria Kanellis Bennett and her assistant Allie starts effecting their other halves. The Miracle Mike Bennet will do battle with Braxton Sutter on behalf of the ladies. Who will get the last laugh, will Laurel Van Ness make an appearance? Ness has been trying to get under Allie’s skin by flirting with Sutter.

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