Ring of Honor: Supercard of Honor XI Preview – Hardys Vs Young Bucks

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor via Twitter

The Hardys face the Young Bucks tonight for the ROH World Tag Team Championship in what else? A Ladder Match! It goes down at Supercard of Honor XI!

The Hardys match tonight against the Bucks of Youth is sure to be a modern classic. The athletic super-kicking Young Bucks first saw the Hardys in action at Ring of Honor during Manhattan Mayhem VI, where the Hardys captured the titles. It was a surprise that set the wrestling world on fire with speculation regarding both the Hardys’ future and that of the Broken universe. Reminiscent of the Outsiders first entry into WCW for a new generation. Just listen to that genuine surprise and euphoric excitement from the crowd in the video below.

The Hardys Vs The Young Bucks: The First Match’s Best Moments

In a new interview with CBS Local (3/31/17), Jeff Hardy stated they’re not currently resigning with the WWE and ‘will stay with Ring of Honor at least through the summer’. That means there is no forecast guaranteed necessarily for the Hardys to drop the titles to the Young Bucks. No, ‘oh they must be dropping the titles because they’ll be at Wrestlemania’ kind of thing.

However, there’s been discussion between the WWE and Sinclair Broadcasting recently regarding ownership of Ring of Honor, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Hardys stay part of a WWE-owned Ring of Honor.

It could also be simple deflection to get Ring of Honor fans on board with tonight’s event and protect the structural integrity of a majestic WWE surprise return. After all, how many returns are not spoiled by the internet these days? In recent times, the Hardys stand out in their unadvertised entry into Ring of Honor.

The Bullet Club’s Young Bucks are getting much-sought after exposure through this feud with the Hardys. A hidden gem in the mainstream, many wrestling fans first became acquainted with the Young Bucks after the Dave Meltzer six-star rating to Kenny Omega’s match at Wrestle Kingdom 11. WWE, TNA Impact fans tuned in on NJPW World or caught NJPW on Youtube for the first time to see what the hype was about both the match and the event. Even Steven Austin discussed tuning into NJPW for the first time in a while just because of Meltzer’s six stars.

Steve Austin Comments on Watching Omega/Okada

Even if you just heard about the hype as a fan, and watched only Omega/Okada… You caught the Young Bucks outside of the ring. Which lead to curiosity about the fellow Bullet Club members. After all, ‘too sweet’ is being flashed all around in the WWE and Impact, with AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson (the Club) and Cody. It’s a natural curiosity, the same way you’d watch Japan’s n.W.o members in the 90s WCW days. If there’s one thing for sure, the Young Bucks impress with their spots in the ring, gaining new fans without a hitch.

We’re sure to see more than a few high spots in tonight’s ladder match with the king of high spots Jeff Hardy on board. Matt Hardy will surely be delighted to continue their Expedition of Gold by retaining ROH’s tag titles at Hardy House.

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