Impact Cannot Replace Hardys, Title Controversy is Simple Distraction

Photo Credit: Broken Matt Hardy / Ring of Honor via Twitter

Impact Wrestling’s biggest draws are now in Ring of Honor, and they’re trying to mask that fact with manufactured Title Controversy. Mere Distraction.

No matter what you thought of Impact Wrestling’s reboot last week or Alberto El Patrón’s debut last week, the fact remains… The Broken Hardys, Matt and Jeff Hardy are gone. The duo who kept the lights on TNA and brought mainstream wrestling fan attention have vanished from Impact. It’s no parlor trick or Broken Brilliance, just a strange business decision.

You would think Impact Wrestling’s biggest attraction the last year would be wined and dined like royalty to stay. Keep that sense of cool around the six-sided ring as something alternate from the WWE. Now Ring of Honor is benefitting from a modern day Outsiders-like invasion.

Has Impact Wrestling not learning from watching their former home-grown stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode just to name a few, dominating the main event scene in their respective WWE brands? Austin Aries back healthy and getting in the swing of 205 live. Sanity over at NXT with Eric Young. James Storm would probably be feuding with Roode right now if he had stayed or on the main Raw/Smackdown roster.

Now Alberto El Patrón is rumored to return his belt for winning like a heel would? It’s manufactured title controversy created in-house not organically from fans. Alberto is not exactly known for being a babyface. It’s all a diversion from the real question, where are the Hardys?

Now Impact referenced them in basically a burial segment by Decay last week instead of allowing them to drop the titles on TV. However, Impact Wrestling’s audience is generally made up a of an internet friendly smart mark fanbase. They know where the Hardys are. If this was the WWE we’d be looking at a CM Punk situation. Fortunately for Impact Wrestling the fans in Orlando just wanna be understandably entertained. It’s a mainstay there now, not a touring one-off. A New York or Philly crowd would be quite harsh.

Why would Alberto El Patrón ever give up the title for ‘cheap’ tactics? It’s a parlor trick to temporarily distract from the real story in TNA right now. Talents leaving in mass, from the Broken Hardys, to the Bennetts, to Jade. Maria was the center of the whole Allie feud and now we’re expected to just forget?

Distraction won’t work, saying there will be changes won’t work. What will happen is instead of fans chanting delete in the hopes the Broken Hardys return like CM Punk in the WWE, they’ll just google where they’re performing now. Impact Wrestling’s loss will be Ring of Honor’s gain, and in this indie scene every big name counts.

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  • Glenn Priceless Link

    I love the way ROH teased their arrival recently by flying in that drone to spy on The Young Bucks during one of their in-ring announcements, lol.

    • Nir Regev Link

      Definitely, they’ve done an excellent job. The whole buildup calling them the Bucks of Youth is pretty catchy.

  • Jon Palmer Link

    As a long time TNA fan I totally disagree with this article!! I have been hoping that TNA would get rid of the Hardys.
    I am THRILLED that I will no longer have to be subjected to the hocus-pocus, supernatural garbage gimmicks that Matt Hardy was shoving down our throats each week. That crap looked more like something you would find on a fictional TV show ABOUT pro wrestling–like Lucha Underground–than on an actual wrestling show. If a match can’t be done in front of a live audience, non-stop between bells, it ISN’T pro wrestling. There is no place for “teleportation” in wrestling.
    The “broken” gimmick MIGHT have been acceptable if it had been limited to an image change for the Hardys. But, it seems like the former management just allowed Matt to do whatever the hell he wanted. How could anyone justify allowing that garbage event, “Total Nonstop Deletion”, to ever air?? That event was the most embarrassing moment in wrestling history. Worse than the Gobbldy Gooker. Worse than Shockmaster, Worse than Robo-Cop coming to WCW. Even worse than David Arquette winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.
    It is time to #MakeImpactGreatAgain. Getting rid of the Hardys was step one. But, along with that, the new management needs to vow not to ever allow another angle like it again, that is nothing but an insult to the biz-i-ness.