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Live Game Deals LLC owns and operates IKnewYoudCome.com. The website’s goal is to be the leading indie wrestling news hub online. I Knew You’d Come.com covers the Hardys, TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and all the rising talents as they ascend to the WWE and WWE’s NXT.

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About Nir Regev:

All content on this website is written by Nir Regev. He is the founder and editor of TheNaturalAristocrat.com and LiveGameDeals.com. Nir is an entertainment and sports reporter, writer, and professional actor. He’s currently a contributor at FanSided.com.

Nir was previously a writer at FanSided’s TWD news siteUndeadWalking.com, and Memphis Grizzlies blog, BealeStreetBears.com. He was also the lead Los Angeles Lakers reporter at Vantage Sports and New York Knicks reporter at RantSports. He has guest written comedy articles for many outlets over the years including British satire website HecklerSpray.com and PremiumWp.com.

Nir is the creator of myBSPN.com a parody of ESPN’s website that allowed users to submit their own fake sports news using a custom generator. Nir also created male humor website BroScience.org which features the highly shared ‘Top 10 Types People on Facebook‘ and ‘Beards Slow Down Aging Process‘ comedy articles.

Longtime RealGM.com users will recognize Nir’s famous New York Knicks parody ‘Night at the Starbury‘ which was featured by Sports Illustrated, Bill Simmons, SLAM Magazine, Dime Magazine, Yahoo and many other major outlets. He is OneAnswer who wrote the well received ‘Guess Who’s Back?’ NBA humor topic that was sticked on RealGM.com’s General NBA Board for one year and received over 300,000 page views, reaching 100 pages.

Political satire fans will recognize Nir’s Bush/Austin Powers Shoe Incident Parody from Youtube, which made it to all major television news outlets including Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, CNN News, ABC Nightline and many more!

You can find more animated video parodies at Nir Regev’s Youtube Channel.

Nir has previously performed standup comedy in such prestigious New York venues as Carolines on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, and the Nexus Lounge. He was the host for online music show Indie Insider.

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