WWE Reportedly Offers Contracts to Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy – Photo Credit: Broken Matt Hardy via Twitter

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the WWE has now reportedly offered contracts to both Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. That said they might not be able to bring the Broken gimmick along for the ride as the Impact Wrestling/Anthem lawsuits are not progressing well.

WWE might not want to deal with potential lawsuits and have them come back just as the Hardys, rather than the Broken Hardys. Maybe allowing them to subtle refer to their Broken past, like Gallows/Anderson/Styles do with ‘The Club’. “The Great Deleter” Matt Hardy? Who knows how the WWE will decide to handle it if the Hardys choose to return.

This will be a first of kinds. WWE is seldom placed in such a situation where they’d want to retain a gimmick from a company they rarely refer to as even existing. Previous TNA talents have kept their names, though some tweaked their gimmicks slightly. However, it wasn’t due to a impending cease and desist order but the WWE wanting to make the talents their own. Not to mention using the Broken gimmick will obviously bring light to TNA Impact Wrestling no matter what.

The WWE cannot just shelve this TNA past though and expect fans to sit idly by. These are not the same fans from the past, unaware of what’s going on outside of the WWE/WCW. The Delete Chants are not going to just go softly into the night. In fact they were alive and well last Monday Night Raw at Barclays Center.

Nevertheless, what’s going on behind the scenes between Hardy House/Anthem has gotta be much worse than they’re letting on. What’s going on already in a modern public forum on Twitter is already telling enough.

While Matt Hardy has let it be known on Twitter he feels disrespected by the company, his wife Reby has been much less forgiving.

Reby Hardy Comments on the Anthem Owl:

TNA’s Cease and Desist Orders:

Reby mentions TNA actively sending cease and desist orders to cable providers against Ring of Honor’s pay per view featuring the Hardys. Dish Network, then reportedly chose to not air the show according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

Matt Hardy Wanted To Leave Impact Wrestling On Good Terms:

It’s clear that this lawsuit between Hardy House and Anthem, the current owners of TNA Impact Wrestling is only just beginning.

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