TNA Impact Wrestling Preview for 1/12/17

Broken Matt Hardy released Brother Nero from deletion on last week’s Impact Wrestling! What lies ahead for the tag team champions of space and time?

A matchup with The Wolves Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards is first on the list. The Wolves have been facing inner turmoil with a returning Davey Richards feeling envy towards his now TNA World Heavyweight Champion partner. Will they be able to work together in a showdown with the premiere tag team of TNA or will their friendship crumble in a losing effort?

Now that Brother Nero has been released from deletion we can expect the patented high spots to return to Impact Wrestling. Jeff’s never been one to hesitate to go the extra mile to put a match over.

Decay’s Rosemary has an invitation open for Jade tonight. Jade was last seen in a cage match that tore the house down and saw Rosemary become TNA Knockouts Champion. Will Gail Kim interfere in the likely ensuing mayhem? Gail announced last Impact she was not retiring and rather taking a leave of absence to heal from injury.

Impact Wrestling is promising the return of an infamous TNA Knockout tonight. Mickie James recently signed a contract back with the WWE so we know it’s not her. Without reading spoilers (which you’ll never see on this site) it’s hard to say for sure who it will be. Although ODB had a match on The Final Deletion episode and received a warm response from the crowd. Perhaps she’s returning full time.

Tonight on Impact Wrestling both contenders for the TNA Heavyweight Championship EC3 and Bobby Lashley will face off in a Last Man Standing match. This rivilary is less personal and more business. Each wants the same thing, a chance to oust Eddie Edwards off his throne and rule as King with the belt laying on top their shoulder.

Finally, the long-term feud between Maria Kanellis Bennett and her assistant Allie starts effecting their other halves. The Miracle Mike Bennet will do battle with Braxton Sutter on behalf of the ladies. Who will get the last laugh, will Laurel Van Ness make an appearance? Ness has been trying to get under Allie’s skin by flirting with Sutter.

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