Broken Hardys Win ROH Tag Titles, WWE Next? (Video)

Broken Hardys Win ROH Tag Titles at ROH Manhattan Mayhem VI – Photo Credit: Ring of Honor via Twitter 

The Broken Hardys invaded Ring of Honor’s Manhattan Mayhem VI at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom this weekend! In a surreal Outsiders-like moment, the Broken Hardys made good on their promise to the Young Bucks. The lights dimmed, and just like that the Broken Hardys of TNA lore appeared before the Bucks of Youth. Ready to take another pair of titles in the Expedition for Gold. Let’s take a look at a fan video of Jeff Hardy hitting the customary Swanton with Broken Matt taking the cover for the win.

A few things you might notice, fans celebrating like the old days throwing stuff into the ring like its 90s WCW. The Broken Hardys theme song is different, intentional or legal decision? Though their TNA Impact theme was Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which should be public domain, perhaps the particular TNA mix was not granted. It’s a bit different than the Decay situation where Marilyn Manson’s song ‘The Nobodies’ was likely licensed to TNA because of friendship with Billy Corgan. The Broken Hardys might be able to reacquire use of Moonlight Sonata, a call to Jimmy Hart to provide a new mix would be a great move.

There might be motions going behind the scenes to stop the use of said theme or even the gimmick in some respects. You’ll notice below when Broken Matt speaks to Ring of Honor’s fans he refers to Brother Nero only as Nero. However, right after Jeff sings the classic obsolete song about the Bucks of Youth. It’s difficult to say for sure if coincidence or ongoing legal proceedings.

TNA gets soundly booed by the Ring of Honor fans to the smiling delight of a Broken Matt who likely feels wronged by contract negotiations. The fans reaction to the Broken Hardys was immense, a choir, orchestra of deletes chanted throughout the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Jeff Hardy’s Obsolete song was similarly beyond over with the fans, as they sang along like wrestling’s purest encore. The Broken Hardys popularity is only growing, maybe a tour around the world’s wrestling federations was just what they needed. The Expedition for Gold is no longer merely kayfabe storyline, it’s reality.

The Broken Hardy’s Prestigious Resume in 2017

They don’t do surprises like this anymore in the era of internet spoilers. Check out the fans’ genuine high voltage excitement at the Broken Hardys’ apparance in the Twitter video captured below by user @thebookofrob.

Broken Hardys Appear at Ring of Honor’s Manhattan Mayhem VI

It was deletion central at Ring of Honor. It’s clear today’s fans are more than aware of the wrestling options availably globally to them thanks to the internet. It’s a different world than the TV broadcast dominated days of past.

Broken Matt Issues to Challenge to WWE’s Gallows and Anderson

Is this Ring of Honor run a brief stop on the way to the WWE? Broken Matt has been interacting with WWE’s talents lately, including current WWE Smackdown Champion Bray Wyatt. Who told Broken Matt on Twitter ‘you know where to find us’.

WWE’s Karl Anderson Responds to Broken Matt Hardy

It appears WWE wrestlers have been told they can interact with the Broken Hardys more casually than before. Preparation for a potentional return? Or teasing the fans, maybe even to gauge a reaction? A Twitter feud could easily go viral and build up a WWE return without a single promo. A modern buildup to a feud.

Here’s a recent interview with Broken Matt Hardy prior to leaving TNA where he discusses the possibility of returning to the WWE. The interview was published on February 27, 2017 by Youtube Channel Inside the Ropes.

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