#MakeImpactGreat Implies Impact Was Never Great, Marketing 101 Folks

Who thought it was a good idea to market TNA’s rebrand with #MakeImpactGreat? Essentially alluding to the company never being great at all.

The satire writes itself, my friends. This isn’t some meta Broken Universe style poking fun at ourselves (spot monkeys etc.) joke either. It’s totally serious. Ever since Impact Wrestling was officially rebranded under the now infamous Anthem owl, #MakeImpactGreat has been the reigning slogan. Not only does this suggest TNA’s storied history was just meh, it takes a collective slap to present and past roster members. Were the AJ Styles and Kurt Angle days not great? Why was Don West shilling the AJ Styles DVD on Impact/online then last week?

How about the X Division originals? What about the legendary Scott Steiner Samoa Joe promo? Raven’s original title reign. Recent days with the Broken Hardys, Decay, DCC, Eli Drake’s Fact of Life. There’s a reason talents like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, James Storm are immediately accepted by fans in the WWE. No transition period needed. There were some great times in TNA (that’s right not just Impact), fans recognize and remember it. TNA Impact Wrestling is/was the closest thing to a WCW in the modern days of Wrestling. It got national attention on Spike TV.

The Slogan in Action:

Yet, #MakeImpactGreat, meaning things will become great now. Except Impact Wrestling reintroduced LAX last week, brought back one of the great promos Konnan and will have ODB back this week. Does that mean they weren’t great enough to #MakeImpactGreat before? Or simply that a poor choice of a Marketing hashtag/slogan was chosen to represent the company… Pretty sure we all know which one it is.

Take a page out of the WWE’s machine, they called Brock Lesnar the Next Big Thing upon his arrival. Sounds crisp, the future presented in a positive way. Remember John Cena was once known as The Prototype in his OVW days. Meaning Cena had a more marketable brand label as a developmental wrestler than Impact has currently as a company.

Now we all know, where the term #MakeImpactGreat really originates from and plays off of. The topical 2016 Election slogan. The ‘again’ part though, seems to have been lost on the current promotional department. It makes a huge difference. If you can’t add that part in, just choose a new slogan. Something fresh that TNA Impact Wrestling could have made their own and unique. A fresh start.

Impact Wrestling Promos Implying Impact Will Now Be Great, Simultaneously Bringing Names Back from TNA’s “not so great” Past to #MakeImpactGreat. Irony.

Remember, it’s none of the talent’s fault. They were great talents back in the day as they are now. They should be presented the way WWE markets Goldberg right now. Warriors from TNA’s storied past coming to make a statement again.

Instead of making TNA a dirty word now that it’s Impact Wrestling, embrace the roots. It’s all the same company and video library.

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