Rob Van Dam Returns at Pacific Coast Wrestling (Video)

Rob Van Dam returned to the ring last weekend over at Pacific Coast Wrestling’s High Tide Event and delievered his patented 5 Star Frog Splash!

Rob Van Dam made his long awaited return against former WWE Superstar MVP and retained the PCW Heavyweight title. RVD came away with the win in classic fashion with a top tier 5 Star Splash you can see in the video below.

Rob Van Dam Wins in 5-Star Style against MVP!

Another Angle of that patented 5 Star Frog Splash!

Simply top notch! Nobody does the frog splash quite like RVD.

RVD Battles John Hennigan Next at Pacific Coast Wrestling

Pacific Coast Wrestling fans will be seeing RVD again on June 2nd’s PCW Showdown event in Los Angeles. RVD will be facing off against John Hennigan, known to WWE fans as John Morrison / Johnny Nitro formerly of tag team MNM and his tag team run with The Miz.

Hennigan has recently been involved with Lucha Underground and AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración). Rob Van Dam will again be defending the PCW World Title in the upcoming match against Hennigan.

Pacific Coast Wrestling Showdown Details

California locals can find tickets for purchase at this link. PCW Showdown will be taking place at Memorial Hall located on 231 W C ST. Wilmington, CA.

See More RVD and Pacific Coast Wrestling Online

You can find previous Pacific Coast Wrestling events over at Amazon. PCW Clear the Way (2016) features Rob Van Dam going up against then PCW Heavyweight Champion Pentagon Jr.

Hometown Edge
An LA native, John Hennigan will be back home for this match, much to the endearment of the local crowd. Of course, while RVD is originally from Battle Creek Michigan, his residence/billing is over at Los Angles these days. It’s sure to be another great match with styles that really mesh! Kind of like RVD’s said before in a shoot video about Jeff Hardy and him just knowing what’s cool. We can expect this match to have plenty of fun spots.

Rob Van Dam’s Dream Match
RVD was recently asked about his one dream match on Twitter, his answer? None other than Bruce Lee!

We’d all certainly love to see that match, maybe in a video game someday.

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