Most Dangerous Spot in Wrestling Today: Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards

Photo Credit: Pop TV – Impact Wrestling/Anthem

Yesterday’s Impact Wrestling saw a double stomp from the top rope by Eddie Edwards to the vulnerable Davey Richards’ head facing downwards on a chair.

First off, hats off to both Wolves Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards for a terrific match, top notch. They put their bodies on the line in a multitude of high risk spots. Yet, nothing was comparable to the double stomp from the top rope delivered by Eddie Edwards. Davey Richards being willing to do the double stomp spot to the head while looking down, his head on a folding chair, shows just how much of trust he has in Edwards. Just think of how many things can go wrong in this spot. Richards has unbelievable bravery and faith in Edwards to take the chance.

The Double Stomp to End All Double Stomps

If a wrestler as much as miscalculates his landing (meant for the chair not the head with Richards holding part of the chair in place) and actually lands on the person’s head or neck with full force… You’re looking at a potential serious career ending injury or in a worst case scenario maybe even paralysis or death. You might recall Jim Cornette talking about wrestlers practically destroying their bodies with risky spots for fairly regional/minor promotions. Now, Impact Wrestling is the number #2 or at worst #3 wrestling company (Ring of Honor) in the US, although NJPW might be taking some of their thunder when they arrive in California later this year. It’s not a minor stage necessarily.

They have a respectable fan base and national televised show on Pop TV, but at the same time, it’s not Wrestlemania. We have to acknowledge this. Is it worth it to do such an ultra dangerous spot for an episode of Impact? Edwards and Richards for sure thought so, and again they deserve praise for pulling it off perfectly and an excellent match.

Sure, wrestling is a high risk profession and the talents know this going in. Edwards is a professional and as you can see from this Twitter photo, hit the move on top of the chair perfectly while Richards held the chair still, shoulders pushed up. Giving the illusion Richards head was struck in the moment.

However, imagine a less professional, less agile wrestler than Edwards attempting this spot. It literally requires precision with barely any room for error. You might just end someone’s life if you’re just a bit off.

The WWE has banned the piledriver (sans Undertaker) following what happened to Austin years ago, and most recently the curb stomp preemptively. Now obviously things are different in the indies, in NJPW for example you’ll regularly see spinning piledrivers not even as the finishing move.

The Muscle Buster seems to have been phased out of Samoa Joe’s moveset and there’s no doubt the Tyson Kidd incident has something to do with it. Recently Seth Rollins has essentially gotten rid of the running power buckle bomb following what happened to Sting and later Finn Balor outside of the ring. Should every new high risk move be banned? Of course not, done especially by the right professional talent like an Undertaker or AJ Styles (Styles Clash) you’re likely to see a move delievered perfectly safe and thrill fans.

At the same time, a double stomp like this from a top rope to another wrestler in a massively vulnerable state with his head between a folding chair… At least to the eyes looks massively dangerous. Maybe it’s all simply Wrestling magic to the untrained eye of a fan and not a worker. Yet, part of you can’t help but cringe at what might have happened if everything didn’t go exactly according to plan.

Kudos to Edwards and Richard for delivering an amazing match, this article is by no means a criticism. Richards has serious guts for taking this move. This piece is meant as discussion and concern for the safety for the talents we watch on TV every week. It’s just recently that X Division favorite DJZ got injured following a 450 splash, fainted, and was rushed into surgery. We as fans wanna be able to see all of you perform for years to come.

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