Impact Wrestling Preview for 3/30/17: Vacant Tag Team Championship

Impact Wrestling revealed who ‘SHE’ is last week, not that it wasn’t obvious. The Hardys’ vacant tag titles will be on the line in a 4-way tag match.

Was anyone surprised at the Karen Jarrett revelation last week? There might as well have been a giant Bat signal in the sky, or rather a broken double-J guitar because you knew exactly who it would be. Imagine a massive swerve and it being Dixie Carter, just think of the heel heat.

Better yet picture Reby Hardy arriving in what would be one of the most brilliant kayfabe storylines of all time. This version of TNA or now Impact Wrestling doesn’t seem to want to take chances like last year’s edition. It’s content bringing back all the icons we recognize from TNA past and in a way, pretending 2016 never really happened.

It looks like we’re back to the coveted authority/GM storyline with a new face. Speaking of that, it was legit a biy surprising to see Karen Jarrett get such a big face pop. Almost akin to a major WWE name debuting. Even Karen seemed sort of startled yet undeniably happy at the fan ovation. As anyone would be that fans remember them.

Josh Matthews would get in the ring for the final segment along with EC3 who is teetering on becoming a tweener rather than a pure babyface in the segment. Matthews would spit out fire, ethering Jarrett with truths while simultaneously getting booed for it. It wasn’t that long ago CM Punk was laying down reality in the WWE and getting massive pops for it but apparently not so for Matthews by the Impact Zone in Orlando.

If the show took place in New York or Philly, Matthews would be getting a massive pop for saying what he said. Instead in Orlando it feels the fans have become accustomed to the Impact Zone’s presence and cheer and boo who ‘they’re supposed to’.

4-Way Tag Team Match for the Vacant Tag Team Championship

In what might as well be the Broken Hardy’s Tag-Team invitational, 4 teams will compete for their now vacant tag titles. Lost off-screen via contract negotiations. The only winner in this match should be Decay. Abyss and Crazy Steve are the most over tag team at Impact, and will give the championship back its legitimacy. Especially since they were feuding with the Hardys for the better part of late 2016.

Impact however, has been pushing Reno Scum well, making them look quite strong. It’s quite too early to hand them over the titles though, at least clean. Let the fans become better connected first. The ‘Oi Oi Oi’ on the mic might win new fans over in time if done right, be gradual, subtle. LAX might win through interference and sheer numbers. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr are likely in the match for some great spots and maybe take the pinfall. They need way more time to develop a personal connection with the audience.

Rosemary will be doing a ‘Knockouts Burial Celebration’ tonight, sure to be one of the highlights of Impact. She’d be right too, since with Jade actually out of the company her competition is gone. This segment has the potential to have a Josh Matthews worked-shoot feel to it. Impact should be very protective of Rosemary, she’s one of Impact Wrestling’s true breakthrough stars. She could continue going over all challengers both on the mic and in the ring.

The Cody/Moose feud continues on tonight’s Impact. We discussed the similarities Cody and Brandi Rhodes have to Marc Mero and Sable recently. This rivalry will end up putting Brandi Rhodes over at the expense of Cody if he’s not careful. Instead of promoting the Bullet Club connection he’s slowly building a ‘bad husband’ kind of persona. What would change everything is Brandi going heel, hitting Moose in a final match while laughing with Cody afterwards. Cutting a promo, Lana style about her husband.

The X Division has consistently been one of the best parts of Impact for years now and continues to be. Trevor Lee makes a great champion and Andrew Everett, his former tag-team parter with a perfect shooting star press makes for an excellent match every week. Along with DJZ, the X Division is stacked with talent at the moment.

If you take a close look and click on this Tweet you’ll notice Impact’s Official account refers to the pair as the Broken Wolves. A clear shot at the Hardys. Another sign this real-life legal feud between the Hardys and Anthem over rights to the Broken Universe is not going anywhere soon.

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